Nigeria's 2019 Elections will start on Saturday February 16, 2019 and the one year countdown began, Friday February 16th 2018.

We decided to mobilize as many people as possible to register to vote. It doesn't matter if you don't yet know who you are voting for... even if you hate the job that every single leader in Nigerian history has done. Until the majority of young eligible voters ACTUALLY show up and register to vote, we will complain about the same issues FOREVER and Nigeria will never progress.

So here's the plan. Let's get the numbers. Let's get 5, 10, 20 million new young people registered. If we have the numbers then we can have a seat at the table.

When you don't show up, you make it so much easier for people you don't want to lead you!

Nigeria is OUR country and it’s OUR responsibility to elect responsible and credible leaders to make it work!

Banky W


We are looking for 100,000 people to register at least 10 people who are eligible to vote.

  1. For every 10 people you register, you get one raffle ticket.
  2. If you register 20 people, you get 2 raffle tickets.
  3. If you register 100 people, you 10 raffle tickets.

Every quarter you’ll be entered into a draw for N10,000 (cash), VIP and backstage passes to concerts with Banky W, 2Baba and their friends. The raffles will take place every quarter until the continuous voter registration (CVR) ends.

Next cycle is March, so get busy!

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